Jump Jump Jump

A Funny Jump Game Yuchen Gan (yg526), Tingyi Yang (ty337) ECE 5725 | Dec 10, 2021 | Wednesday Lab


With the great passion of game development, we team created a handheld game that can be played on the monitor by utilizing pygame library we've learned this semester. This game is a typical embedded project. This is due to its good interaction at the software and hardware levels. Our game is a one-player game called "Jump Jump Jump". The player controls the virtual game well through the control of the hardware. Specifically, the player can control the character move leftward and rightward with accelerometer. The game contains different levels and powerups including rocket and life. Scoring system is also implemented. This game benefits from efficient human-computer interaction, data processing, and communication between elements.

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As Introduced above, we achieved the game we desigend, creating a game system. The detailed results are disscued on the software implementation page and hardware design page. The system can be carried easily, and the game is easy to learn and play, but with great fun. Our game is aimed to bring some fun to players, with great portability.

Future work

If we have more time, we would like to improve our project in the following directions:
1. Improve character display. The player can choose their desired character icon.
2. Refine the level selection. If the player already finished a level, then he/she can challenge this level again in the later game.
3. Allow two players to compete. Two players can play the game together and have a competition with each other. The person who gets more points is the winner.

Team Members

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Yuchen Gan

Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Tingyi Yang

Electrical and Computer Engineering