Software Implementation


We took advantage of pygame library of python to implement software functions. The library contains some game design conventions like sprite object, collision detection, player motion and so on. In the vision part, we displayed the player, monsters, platforms, item, blood etc. In the control part, we controlled the motion of the player, moved the game scene, detected the collision, and listened to the external events. The detailed game flow and code framework are shown below.

Game Flow

Generic placeholder image

Code Framework

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The project completed the demonstration of the game. In the game, players can use buttons to begin the game. Besides, they can manipulate the gyroscope to control the game character to arrive at the safe platform and avoid fake platforms and monsters. Through the game, the player can get some powerups like extra lives and rockets. As the game time goes, the difficulty of the game will be gradually improved by increasing the number of monsters and fake platforms. At the same time, some game details, such as the reality of the progress bar, and congratulations after the game is successful, are also displayed.