To build an embedded smart camera system by Raspberry-Pi. This embedded system can not only work as a camera but also as a video surveillance system. Moreover, the camera system provides additional image processing functions and the surveillance system is able to help save memory for storing video.


This system includes the component of Raspberry-Pi 2 Model-B module, 2.8’ touch screen module, and camera module, and all the module can work together via GPIO connection. The camera module is in charge of taking image and transfer the image data to R-Pi module. The touch screen can show the image of real time image and review. Also, users are able to control the system through the interface of touch screen buttons in the same time. There are mainly two parts of smart camera system:

1. Camera platform Under the camera platform, the user can

      a. view the real time image taken by the external camera

      b. take and save the picture

      c. review the pictures

      d. delete the pictures e. perform post processing for the pictures

2. Video platform (surveillance)

      a. view the real time image taken by the external camera

      b. recording video (all the time)

      c. recording video (only when motion detected)

      d. play the videos e. delete the videos