Braille Translator

Designed by:

Kranthi Kumar Madhavaram (km853) and Paridhi Gupta (pg476)

Date: Dec 13th, 2019

Braille is writing and reading system used by the visually impaired where each alphabet of the English language is mapped to a simple 6 dot-cell of bumps or flats. Our project captures an image of a printed text and converts into a text string and maps it to the Braille system. This mapping is then produced using actuators to raise bumps for one alphabet at a time for the reader to feel and understand the printed write-up. Thereby translating any printed English text to Braille system.

Literature Review

Braille is writing and reading system used by the visually impaired. a typical textbook written in Braille has simple bumps corresponding to each alphanumeric and punctuation characters as shown.....

Image Processing

The first step of the project is setting up a pi camera that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi and capturing an image. The libraries used to set up the pi camera were PiCamera and OpenCV. Both of which are open source libraries available for python.....


The final output of the program is designed to be felt by a finger. And so, we designed a box fitted with 6 micro servo motors that move between the angles 0 to 45 degrees....


We have successfully developed the product as described in the design steps under sufficient light conditions and were able to test it for printed texts.


Simplicity of using Python on Raspberry Pi and the efforts put into the project

Future Work

Work on Image Processing, size of actuators, adding features and making the product robust


Find more about parts and budget, code written and references here.

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