ECE 4760: Bluetooth-Controlled Guitar Amp

Introduction and Motivation for the Project

The idea and motivation behind the project is from Kari Spiegelhalter, a Masters of Landscape Architecture student who basically envisioned how Susquehanna River and its floodplain can be a primary source of information about ecological and flooding conditions. Additionally the idea was also to use that information to communicate the river conditions to communities, respond to flood events, and accelerate repair of floodplain processes after a destructive flood event.
To get the idea running we implemented the system with one sensor unit that will sense water level magnitude of the river in real time, and measure hydrological factors like river height and flood magnitude. The two main goals achieved through this project are:

1. Communication of the current river conditions to the community through a display screen on a flood wall.
2. Modelling of the sensor system as a sculptural installation to respond via LED lights to the current river conditions which essentially communicates aesthetically to the people walking along the shorlines of the river.

Figure : Concept Diagram of a Responsive Floodplain