In this project, we built a music player and four-track recorder that could be run solely on the Raspberry Pi. Our software allows users to have the experience of playing a piano keyboard or drumpad set on a touchscreen interface, with the option of recording up to four tracks in either instrumental mode. Any combination of recorded tracks can be played back simultaneously.


When brainstorming ideas for our project, we wanted to explore music creation through modules unique to the Raspberry Pi. We decided to use the Pi as our instrument and playback device. Our initial implementation utilized the computer keyboard to play sound files using the Pygame module. After we figured out how to record and play back a set of sounds that had been played on the keyboard, we figured out that we needed to isolate the playback module so multiple tracks could play on the Pi at the same time. It was also suggested that we add the user interface to the Pi, so the program could run on the Pi without any external input device. Therefore, we built our user interfaces to interact with the Pi touchscreen.


Project group picture