Digital Otamatone

in tune for every note you play
Michael Wu (yw2464), Owen Deng (qd39) | Fall 2022

Otamatone is a Japanese music synthesizer with a unique shape and timbre. It is difficult to play, and people who masters Otamatone can post YouTube videos and get likes and subscribes. With digital Otamatone, we can play an Otamatone with a keyboard and hit the pitch in tune every time! (with some other features haha)


Desgin & Testing


Conclusion & Future Work

Budget & Reference

Source Code

Individual Contribution

Owen Deng: System design, hardware design and implementation. Software library (Pi/Arduino) and some testing scripts. Some characterizations on the original Otamatone. Report (webpage layout&format, intro, design/testing, future work, budget, reference). Demo video filming and narration. (Also contributed my own Otamatone... RIP)

Michael Wu: Worked on PiTFT user interface buttons and controls, hardcoded some songs for the demo mode, used pygame control and key mappings for the keyboard mode, tried RPi Pico ADC & FFT (later abandoned and used Arduino). Some testing scripts. Report (reference, results, conclusion).

... Michael (left), Owen (middle), Joseph Skovira (right)