ECE 5990: Final Project

Smart Home System

Dec 2015

Ruochen Song (

Kaiyan Xiao (

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"Home is where the

Wi-Fi is."


-- Somebody

                                       Fig.1 System Block Diagram

After the inventions of PCs, the Internet and personal digital devices, such as smart phones and wearable devices, loT is now believed to be the trend of the world. Through the loT everything in people's life are connected to the Internet. A smart home system is a mini loT network of people's personal in which all the electronic devices, including sensors of all kinds, household appliances and smart digital devices in a house are connected to each other and work cooperatively and automatically.

The smart home system this project builds mainly includes a temperature sensor, a fan, a LED light, a microphone and a control unit. The control unit building on a raspberry Pi connects the microphone ,which is used for sound detecting, through the USB, connect all the other parts together through Wi-Fi and is in charge of all the controlling and data processing.

The fan and the LED light are remotely controlled by the raspberry Pi while the fan can not only be manually controlled by the control console on a TFTscreen, but can also be auto controlled by the raspberry Pi according to the temperature value sending from the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor sends the temperature value to the raspberry Pi all the time, and the fan runs faster when the temperature goes high and stops when the temperature is under 25 centigrades.

The sound detecting part is used to record and analyze sound appeared in home, if there are any explosions or other unusual sounds, the raspberry Pi could report it to user. Fast Fourier Transform is applied to the sounds recorded to analyze frequency information, from the frequency information we could identify if the sound is unusual or not.