Robot Ball Launcher

Mei Yang (mny8), Lisa (Jia Lin) Zhu (jz352)

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Have you ever wondered about how to get your little robot to observe and detect “danger” in its surrounding when it’s moving? Our final project has focused on designing a fully functioning robot with a ball launching mechanism, and utilizing some of the fantastic OpenCV tools to help the robot identify the pre-defined target along its way. Besides its ability to identify the targets automatically, the robot also has a complete and friendly user interface for users to manipulate the robot as they see fit.


We would like to thank Professor Skovira for his guidance and support throughout the semester. We simply would not make this project work without his help. We would also like to thank all of our TAs (Jacob, Steven, Brendon) for answering our questions and helping us debug our code throughout the semester. We are also immensely grateful to all the comments and help that we have received and this project, along with this course, has been a great enjoyment for both of us.

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