Cough and Crowd Detector for COVID-19 Monitoring

Clara Fontaine (cyf3) & Chloe Wu (jw995)

ECE 5725 Embedded OS Final Project

December 19th, 2020


Cough and crowd detector for COVID -19 Monitoring is an embedded system that tracks the number of people and number of coughs in the room. This project is inspired by the current pandemic situation and FluSense. FluSense is a device developed by researchers in UMass Amherst that uses cough data and predicts trends in infectious respiratory illnesses, such as influenza. We believe that a system that is able to detect coughing and track the number of people in public places will be useful for COVID forecasting and tracking. We envision this system being used in hospital waiting rooms, common gathering spaces in dorms and school/university buildings, etc.