ECE 5725:Final Project

Voice Controlled Home Assistant

Shaan Shetty (

Premdeep Sharma (

Overall Layout

Video: Final product demonstration

"An inexpensive and interactive smart home assistant"

Smart Homes are now becoming more commonplace as compared to what it was a copuple of years earlier. Clap Switches, automatic lights, internet controlled appliances are all passé. Home assistants are now a reality. One does not need to go to each room to switch on or switch off appliances there. Just speak it out and it's done, much like Jarvis from the famed Iron Man series.

Many tech companies are investing extensively in this area. But already existing systems are expensive and can cost anywhere between $200 to $750 just for the microphone and speaker module. The cost of upgrading the switches are extra.

We intend to develop a low cost system which would cost less than a $100 and would use a Rspberry Pi 2, an affordable microphone and speaker and a relay. This system could be implemented in any home and can be used to control any device by just using voice commands. There is no need to upgrade individual switch circuits as the relay and Raspberry Pi could be installed around the main switchboard and that would be enough. Apart from this, an internet connection is all that is required to build your own personal home assistant, Jasper.